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6 Week Sewing Course - with own sewing machine

6 Week Sewing Course - with own sewing machine

PLEASE NOTE: Children must be 8 years old and over to participate!

The aim of Rosie’s Sewing School is to teach children with no experience of sewing the basics of machine and hand sewing, the terms used in sewing and design, and to build confidence in working at home.

The classes aim to encourage working with already used fabrics, second hand or damaged items which can be made into something new, or simply repaired. Environmental impact is a key foundation for the class, teaching how to reduce waste by reusing fabrics to create something else or repairing items to give them longer life.

Sewing is a skill for life, once you learn the basics you will have abilities to help you with numerous projects.

  • What will the course cover?

    •Sewing box Basics & Tools – what you need to get started

    •Sewing Terms – names and phrases commonly used in sewing

    •Hand Stitching – threading, stitches and unpicking

    •Know your sewing machine – different parts, how it works and how to use

    •Machine Sewing – basic stitches, speed, curves, corners & seams

    •Fastenings – zips, buttons & poppers

    •Projects – beginner projects

    •Sustainable Sewing – how to patch, repair and reuse fabrics at home and why “skills for life”

  • Additional Information

    Course begins 9th July 2024 

    Runs for 6 Tuesdays until 13th August 2024

    Start time 2pm 

    End time 3pm

    Once you have purchased the course an information document will be emailed to you as well as a form for you to fill in for your child.

    Your child will also recieve print outs in class to go over what we cover each week.

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