Facial cleansing pads

Facial cleansing pads

100% brushed cotton flannel cleansing pads. Perfect for use with liquid and cream cleansers to remove makeup or simply cleanse! Since they are flannel the more you wash them the more absorbant they become. These are super soft on your skin and wont dry it out like wipes can. These pads come in packs of 5 for €10 and are a mixed set of prints. 

**If you would like specific print included please email after you place your order


    Made of 2 layers of cotton flannel and the same size as a standard oval cotton pad. Designed to replace makeup wipes and cotton pads. All hand made from scratch.


    If you are dissatidfied with your product we are happy to offer a full refund on unused products, we cannot accept returns on used products due to hygiene. We do not however pay the cost of postage  to cover returns.


    Delivery within Ireland €3


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