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Barrier Mask

Barrier Mask

Home made face masks may help protect others from you by blocking large particles you may eject when coughing, sneezing or talking. This could slow down the transmission if you dont know you are sick. They are not intended to protect the wearer. We make NO CLAIMS these masks will protect you from Covid19.Masks are made from 2 layers of cotton fabric making them breathable.

  • CDC - Centre of Disease Control

    The CDC states masks must not replace measures such as self quarantine at home, social distancing and thorough hand washing. It recommends wearing face coverings in public in places where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain eg. grocery shopping/chemist.

  • Use & Care

    Wash mask before first use.

    Wash hands before putting on mask. Ensure mask covers your nose and mouth, and fits under the chin. if the elastic is too loose, you can tie a knot in it. Wash hands again before removing mask. Never put dirty hands under your face mask at any time.

    Wash after every use on a hot wash. May be tumble dried.

  • Safe Use of Face Coverings

    For more information on safe use of barrier masks or face coverings please check out on the following link

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