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  • Reusable face pads, Breast Pads & Sanitary Pads | Rosies Eco Store

    Welcome to Rosie's Eco Store Ireland Every woman has her story At Rosie's Eco Store Ireland, I strongly believe every woman should have access to information about her body and what she does with it. Also I want to inspire todays' women by taking inspiration from those who have paved the way for us in the past. I am a strong advocate for the environment, which is why making the change to reusable is so important to me, and just one of the things we can all do to improve the world around us. Single use plastic is just one problem, but it's a problem we can all easily make better if we just make some small changes. My belief is I can help support those changes with my selection of reusable menstrual pads, incontinence pads, panty liners, breast pads and face pads. All products are hand made and designed by me, Rose, in Kildare from my small business at home. And I enjoy every minute. Home: Welcome SHOP NOW New Arrival Quick View Serenity Scrubbies Price €12.00 NEW 2022 Quick View Flowers in the dark overnight pad/heavy flow pad Price €10.00 NEW 2022 Quick View Geo Stars overnight pad/heavy flow pad Price €10.00 New Arrival Quick View Bees & Daisies- medium flow pad Price €8.80 New Arrival Quick View Serenity Scrubbies Price €12.00 NEW 2022 Quick View Flowers in the dark overnight pad/heavy flow pad Price €10.00 NEW 2022 Quick View Geo Stars overnight pad/heavy flow pad Price €10.00 New Arrival Quick View Bees & Daisies- medium flow pad Price €8.80 The female body is a wonder Did you know your vagina is internal and the external is the vulva? Did you know that discharge is perfectly normal and actually kind of amazing as the vagina cleans itself? Did you know women suffer from incontinence more due to the shortened length of their urethra? And did you know as women we are still embarrassed to talk about periods, discharge, vaginas and even to be seen going to the bathroom to change a pad? Periods are normal, vaginas are amazing and we need to start being proud of them and how strong we are as women, and also giving them the best care. Disposable products are 90% plastic, the are also bleached and trap moisture and bacteria leading to smells and irritation. Reusable products are softer, more breathable and better for your wallet and the environment. Women of Ireland have started making the change already, make sure to join them! If you have any questions please just ask in the chat and I will get back to you asap. REVIEW A PRODUCT Customer Feeback We love hearing your feedback as it means we can continuously improve our service and our products. Please submit your review below and thank you for your time! Would you recommend us to your friends? Yes No Submit Thanks for submitting! GET IN TOUCH Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Learn with me | Rosies Eco Store

    Through learning we grow. ​ I wanted to have a section on the website where we can learn about ourselves, the products and some amazing women from history. ​ Below you will find a video of FAQs if you prefer to watch rather than read the questions. ​ If you have any interesting information I should consider adding to the website please submit it to me via email.

  • Women in History | Rosies Eco Store

    Women in History It's important to note that below I have given merely a snippet of each of these amazing women's lives. You can learn more from any internet search or from our podcast 'This is Familiar' which you can find on Spotify and ITunes. Marie Louise O’Morphi 1736-1815 Royal Mistress ​ Discovered in 1751 by Casanova, and later lover to his friend the artist Francois Boucher who painted her obsessively. At age 17 she met King Louis XV of France who was instantly captivated by her. She became his mistress and over the coming years........... ​ Kit Cavanagh 1677-1739 ​ Soldier ​ When Kit’s Husband, Richard Walsh, disappeared in 1692 without warning or explanation, Kit was then pregnant with their 3rd child and distraught. She searched for a year and then received a letter from Richard explaining he had been in Holland! He had gotten blind drunk the night of this disappearance, woken in Holland, and was forcibly conscripted to fight for King William III against the French! Kit put her children in her mothers care, cut off her hair, dressed as a man and enlisted....... Dr. Kathleen Lynn 1874-1955 ​ One of the first female doctors in Ireland In 1909 she became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Kathleen was also a suffragist, a labour rights activist and a nationalist. She tended hunger striking suffragists in 1912 in their fight for the vote. She joined the ICA in 1913 and by 1916 she was made captain and Chief Medical Officer, she even collected and transported weapons in her car! During the 1916 Easter Rising, Kathleen set up a casualty station in City Hall. After the officer in charge of City Hall was killed, Kathleen and his fiancé defended the location through the night under heavy fire...... ​ Grace O’Malley ~ Granuaile c.1530-1603 Pirate ​ In 1584 her lands were confiscated and her oldest son was murdered and she and her remaining family became destitute. Grace was forced to write to Queen Elizabeth asking for what she was entitled to under Brehon Law from both her husband’s estates. Granuaile later sailed a ship to England, up the river Thames and demanded and audience with the Queen which was granted. In the meeting both women spoke in Latin, as Grace didn’t speak English and Elizabeth didn’t speak Irish. Grace was given back her property and her son was released....... ​ Margaret Leeson (Peg Plunkett) 1727-1797 ​ Courtesan ​ At age 57 Peg set up her own brothel in Pitt Street and employed only the best women to serve her high class clientele, including the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Her ‘house of ill repute’ became notorious throughout Ireland and enjoyed huge success. Her girls dressed in sophisticated fashions and were able to hold their own in political conversations. Business boomed with Pegs clients including some of Ireland’s most prolific men of the day. Her wealth and notoriety soared for the next few years......... ​ Dr. Emily Winifred Dickinson 1866-1944 ​ First woman Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (FRCSI) ​ Emily Winifred Dickinson came up against gender discrimination countless times in an effort to simply to the job she loved. In 1887 she applied and was accepted to the Royal College of Surgeons, where she was the only woman student. After obtaining her certificate in 1891, she trained in midwifery in the Rotunda. In 1893 she graduated and was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (FRCSI).Over the years, Emily lectured and published papers on gynaecology, and organised a committee to help women students in Dublin with accommodation. She completed two post graduate degrees in medicine and obstetrics...... ​ Anna Haslam 1829-1922 ​ Pioneering feminist ​ In 1876 Anna and her husband founded the Dublin Women’s Suffrage Association (DWSA). Anna held meetings to raise awareness and wrote to those in power including MPs. In the 1890s Anna campaigned for the right for women to be elected ‘Poor Law Guardians’, a local Government job. Her victory led to women being voted onto local councils. However, women could still not vote for national Government....... Anna voted for the first time in a national election aged 90 in 1918 having spent more than fifty years fighting for women’s rights. ​ Queen Maeve (Maebh) of Connaught c. 50BC-50AD ​ Queen/Celtic Goddess ​ Maeve's most told story is that of the cattle raid of Cooley. While arguing with her husband about who had the most wealth, it turned out he out did her by just a white bull. In order to be on equal terms, Maeve raised an army and rampaged across the country to take the magnificent brown bull in Ulster by force. Her armies took on Cuchulainn in the fight. Some say she lived to be 120. She is buried upright on top of Knocknarea facing her enemies in Ulster....... ​ ​ ​ ​

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